Commit 7c9e4be1 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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src/keyboard.c (read_decoded_event_from_main_queue): Improve commentary

 about the w32 console reading non-ASCII characters.
parent bdda4c66
......@@ -2312,7 +2312,10 @@ read_decoded_event_from_main_queue (EMACS_TIME *end_time,
= read_event_from_main_queue (end_time, local_getcjmp,
/* w32_console already returns decoded events. */
/* w32_console already returns decoded events. It either reads
Unicode characters from the Windows keyboard input, or
converts characters encoded in the current codepage into
Unicode. See w32inevt.c:key_event, near its end. */
return nextevt;
struct frame *frame = XFRAME (selected_frame);
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