Commit 7cc8c4b3 authored by Karl Chen's avatar Karl Chen Committed by Philipp Stephani

Don't prompt user when killing Flymake processes

* lisp/progmodes/flymake.el (flymake-start-syntax-check-process):
Don’t prompt the user when killing Flymake processes.

* doc/misc/flymake.texi (Starting the syntax check process):
Document new behavior.
parent 8ca70e40
......@@ -697,7 +697,8 @@ The command line (command name and the list of arguments) for launching a proces
initialization function. Flymake then just calls @code{start-process}
to start an asynchronous process and configures a process filter and
sentinel, which are used for processing the output of the syntax check
tool. When exiting Emacs, running Flymake processes will be killed
without prompting the user.
@node Parsing the output
@section Parsing the output
......@@ -478,6 +478,12 @@ This is done with the help of 'c-or-c++-mode' function which analyses
contents of the buffer to determine whether it's a C or C++ source
** Flymake
*** Emacs does no longer prompt the user before killing Flymake
processes on exit.
* New Modes and Packages in Emacs 26.1
......@@ -1072,6 +1072,7 @@ For the format of LINE-ERR-INFO, see `flymake-ler-make-ler'."
"flymake-proc" (current-buffer) cmd args))))
(set-process-sentinel process 'flymake-process-sentinel)
(set-process-filter process 'flymake-process-filter)
(set-process-query-on-exit-flag process nil)
(push process flymake-processes)
(setq flymake-is-running t)
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