Commit 7ccc8f70 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(msb-menu-bar-update-buffers): Use global-buffers-menu-map.

(msb-sort-by-directory, msb--choose-menu, msb--mode-menu-cond)
(msb--most-recently-used-menu, msb--create-buffer-menu-2):
Use with-current-buffer.
parent bf902855
......@@ -2,6 +2,10 @@
* menu-bar.el (global-buffers-menu-map): New var.
(global-map, menu-bar-update-buffers): Use it.
* msb.el (msb-menu-bar-update-buffers): Use it.
(msb-sort-by-directory, msb--choose-menu, msb--mode-menu-cond)
(msb--most-recently-used-menu, msb--create-buffer-menu-2):
Use with-current-buffer.
2007-10-21 Dan Nicolaescu <>
......@@ -454,10 +454,10 @@ An item looks like (NAME . BUFFER)."
(defun msb-sort-by-directory (item1 item2)
"Sort the items ITEM1 and ITEM2 by directory name. Made for dired.
An item look like (NAME . BUFFER)."
(string-lessp (save-excursion (set-buffer (cdr item1))
(save-excursion (set-buffer (cdr item2))
(string-lessp (with-current-buffer (cdr item1)
(with-current-buffer (cdr item2)
;;; msb
......@@ -581,8 +581,7 @@ If the argument is left out or nil, then the current buffer is considered."
(while rest
(let ((found-p nil)
(tmp-rest rest)
new-dir item)
(setq item (car tmp-rest))
;; Clump together the "rest"-buffers that have a dir that is
;; a subdir of the current one.
......@@ -745,8 +744,7 @@ to the buffer-list variable in function-info."
(unless (and (not msb-display-invisible-buffers-p)
(msb-invisible-buffer-p buffer))
(condition-case nil
(set-buffer buffer)
(with-current-buffer buffer
;; Menu found. Add to this menu
(dolist (info (msb--collect function-info-vector))
(msb--add-to-menu buffer info max-buffer-name-length)))
......@@ -791,8 +789,7 @@ Example:
results in
\((a a1 a2 a4 a3) (b b1 b3 b2) (c c3))"
(when (not (null alist))
(let (result
(let (same
(first-time-p t)
......@@ -817,7 +814,8 @@ results in
old-car (car item))
(list (cons tmp-old-car (nreverse tmp-same))))))
(sort alist (lambda (item1 item2)
(funcall sort-predicate (car item1) (car item2))))))
(funcall sort-predicate
(car item1) (car item2))))))
(list (cons old-car (nreverse same)))))))
......@@ -831,8 +829,7 @@ results in
(let ((mode-list nil))
(dolist (buffer (cdr (buffer-list)))
(set-buffer buffer)
(with-current-buffer buffer
(when (and (not (msb-invisible-buffer-p))
(not (assq major-mode mode-list)))
(push (cons major-mode mode-name)
......@@ -850,12 +847,10 @@ It takes the form ((TITLE . BUFFER-LIST)...)."
(loop with n = 0
for buffer in buffers
if (save-excursion
(set-buffer buffer)
if (with-current-buffer buffer
(and (not (msb-invisible-buffer-p))
(not (eq major-mode 'dired-mode))))
collect (save-excursion
(set-buffer buffer)
collect (with-current-buffer buffer
(cons (funcall msb-item-handling-function
......@@ -908,22 +903,20 @@ It takes the form ((TITLE . BUFFER-LIST)...)."
(when file-buffers
(setq file-buffers
(mapcar (lambda (buffer-list)
(cons msb-files-by-directory-sort-key
(cons (car buffer-list)
(mapcar (function
(lambda (buffer)
(cons (save-excursion
(set-buffer buffer)
(funcall msb-item-handling-function
(cdr buffer-list))
(lambda (item1 item2)
(string< (car item1) (car item2))))))))
(msb--choose-file-menu file-buffers))))
(list* msb-files-by-directory-sort-key
(car buffer-list)
(mapcar (lambda (buffer)
(cons (with-current-buffer buffer
(cdr buffer-list))
(lambda (item1 item2)
(string< (car item1) (car item2))))))
(msb--choose-file-menu file-buffers))))
;; Now make the menu - a list of (TITLE . BUFFER-LIST)
(let* (menu
......@@ -1103,7 +1096,8 @@ variable `msb-menu-cond'."
buffers-menu frames-menu)
;; Make the menu of buffers proper.
(setq msb--last-buffer-menu (msb--create-buffer-menu))
(setq buffers-menu msb--last-buffer-menu)
;; Skip the `keymap' symbol.
(setq buffers-menu (cdr msb--last-buffer-menu))
;; Make a Frames menu if we have more than one frame.
(when (cdr frames)
(let* ((frame-length (length frames))
......@@ -1124,14 +1118,13 @@ variable `msb-menu-cond'."
(cons nil nil))
(define-key (current-global-map) [menu-bar buffer]
(cons "Buffers"
(setcdr global-buffers-menu-map
(if (and buffers-menu frames-menu)
;; Combine Frame and Buffers menus with separator between
(nconc (list 'keymap "Buffers and Frames" frames-menu
(nconc (list "Buffers and Frames" frames-menu
(and msb-separator-diff '(separator "--")))
(cddr buffers-menu))
(or buffers-menu 'undefined)))))))
(cdr buffers-menu))
;; Snarf current bindings of `mouse-buffer-menu' (normally
;; C-down-mouse-1).
......@@ -1163,5 +1156,5 @@ different buffer menu using the function `msb'."
(provide 'msb)
(eval-after-load "msb" '(run-hooks 'msb-after-load-hook 'msb-after-load-hooks))
;;; arch-tag: 403f9e82-b92e-4e7a-a797-5d6d9b76da36
;; arch-tag: 403f9e82-b92e-4e7a-a797-5d6d9b76da36
;;; msb.el ends here
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