Commit 7ccf2577 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

* lisp/allout.el (epg-user-id-string, epg-key-user-id-list):

* lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (epg-signature-status):
Fix declarations.
parent b409dd36
......@@ -6051,8 +6051,8 @@ See `allout-toggle-current-subtree-encryption' for more details."
(declare-function epg-decrypt-string "epg" (context cipher))
(declare-function epg-encrypt-string "epg"
(context plain recipients &optional sign always-trust))
(declare-function epg-user-id-string "epg" (user-id))
(declare-function epg-key-user-id-list "epg" (key))
(declare-function epg-user-id-string "epg" (user-id) t)
(declare-function epg-key-user-id-list "epg" (key) t)
;;;_ > allout-encrypt-string (text decrypt allout-buffer keymode-cue
;;; &optional rejected)
......@@ -1079,7 +1079,7 @@ The return result is a `package-desc'."
(declare-function epg-verify-string "epg" (context signature
&optional signed-text))
(declare-function epg-context-result-for "epg" (context name))
(declare-function epg-signature-status "epg" (signature))
(declare-function epg-signature-status "epg" (signature) t)
(declare-function epg-signature-to-string "epg" (signature))
(defun package--display-verify-error (context sig-file)
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