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Another update of MS-Windows entries in etc/PROBLEMS.

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......@@ -1934,6 +1934,22 @@ stop and start the service from the Computer Management application,
accessible by right-clicking "My Computer" or "Computer", selecting
"Manage", then clicking on "Services".)
** Emacs crashes when exiting the Emacs session
This was reported to happen when some optional DLLs, such as those
used for displaying images or the GnuTLS library, which are loaded
on-demand, have a runtime dependency on the libgcc DLL,
libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll. The reason seems to be a bug in libgcc which
rears its ugly head whenever the libgcc DLL is loaded after Emacs has
One solution for this problem is to find an alternative build of the
same optional library that does not depend on the libgcc DLL.
Another possibility is to rebuild Emacs with the -shared-libgcc
switch, which will force Emacs to load libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll on startup,
ahead of any optional DLLs loaded on-demand later in the session.
** PATH can contain unexpanded environment variables
Old releases of TCC (version 9) and 4NT (up to version 8) do not correctly
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