Commit 7d58ed99 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(Fkeymap_parent, Fset_keymap_parent): New functions.

(fix_submap_inheritance): New function.
(access_keymap): Use fix_submap_inheritance.
parent 1f4cd937
......@@ -258,8 +258,131 @@ get_keymap (object)
return get_keymap_1 (object, 1, 0);
/* Return the parent map of the keymap MAP, or nil if it has none.
We assume that MAP is a valid keymap. */
DEFUN ("keymap-parent", Fkeymap_parent, Skeymap_parent, 1, 1, 0,
"Return the parent keymap of KEYMAP.")
Lisp_Object keymap;
Lisp_Object list;
keymap = get_keymap_1 (keymap, 1, 1);
/* Skip past the initial element `keymap'. */
list = XCONS (keymap)->cdr;
for (; CONSP (list); list = XCONS (list)->cdr)
/* See if there is another `keymap'. */
if (EQ (Qkeymap, XCONS (list)->car))
return list;
return Qnil;
/* Set the parent keymap of MAP to PARENT. */
DEFUN ("set-keymap-parent", Fset_keymap_parent, Sset_keymap_parent, 2, 2, 0,
"Modify KEYMAP to set its parent map to PARENT.\n\
PARENT should be nil or another keymap.")
(keymap, parent)
Lisp_Object keymap, parent;
Lisp_Object list, prev;
int i;
keymap = get_keymap_1 (keymap, 1, 1);
if (!NILP (parent))
parent = get_keymap_1 (parent, 1, 1);
/* Skip past the initial element `keymap'. */
prev = keymap;
while (1)
list = XCONS (prev)->cdr;
/* If there is a parent keymap here, replace it.
If we came to the end, add the parent in PREV. */
if (! CONSP (list) || EQ (Qkeymap, XCONS (list)->car))
XCONS (prev)->cdr = parent;
prev = list;
/* Scan through for submaps, and set their parents too. */
for (list = XCONS (keymap)->cdr; CONSP (list); list = XCONS (list)->cdr)
/* Stop the scan when we come to the parent. */
if (EQ (XCONS (list)->car, Qkeymap))
/* If this element holds a prefix map, deal with it. */
if (CONSP (XCONS (list)->car)
&& CONSP (XCONS (XCONS (list)->car)->cdr))
fix_submap_inheritance (keymap, XCONS (XCONS (list)->car)->car,
XCONS (XCONS (list)->car)->cdr);
if (VECTORP (XCONS (list)->car))
for (i = 0; i < XVECTOR (XCONS (list)->car)->size; i++)
if (CONSP (XVECTOR (XCONS (list)->car)->contents[i]))
fix_submap_inheritance (keymap, make_number (i),
XVECTOR (XCONS (list)->car)->contents[i]);
return parent;
/* EVENT is defined in MAP as a prefix, and SUBMAP is its definition.
if EVENT is also a prefix in MAP's parent,
make sure that SUBMAP inherits that definition as its own parent. */
fix_submap_inheritance (map, event, submap)
Lisp_Object map, event, submap;
Lisp_Object map_parent, parent_entry;
/* SUBMAP is a cons that we found as a key binding.
Discard the other things found in a menu key binding. */
if (CONSP (submap)
&& STRINGP (XCONS (submap)->car))
submap = XCONS (submap)->cdr;
/* Also remove a menu help string, if any,
following the menu item name. */
if (CONSP (submap) && STRINGP (XCONS (submap)->car))
submap = XCONS (submap)->cdr;
/* Also remove the sublist that caches key equivalences, if any. */
if (CONSP (submap)
&& CONSP (XCONS (submap)->car))
Lisp_Object carcar;
carcar = XCONS (XCONS (submap)->car)->car;
if (NILP (carcar) || VECTORP (carcar))
submap = XCONS (submap)->cdr;
/* If it isn't a keymap now, there's no work to do. */
if (! CONSP (submap)
|| ! EQ (XCONS (submap)->car, Qkeymap))
map_parent = Fkeymap_parent (map);
if (! NILP (map_parent))
parent_entry = access_keymap (map_parent, event, 0, 0);
parent_entry = Qnil;
if (! EQ (parent_entry, submap))
Fset_keymap_parent (submap, parent_entry);
/* Look up IDX in MAP. IDX may be any sort of event.
Note that this does only one level of lookup; IDX must be a single
event, not a sequence.
......@@ -320,6 +443,8 @@ access_keymap (map, idx, t_ok, noinherit)
val = XCONS (binding)->cdr;
if (noprefix && CONSP (val) && EQ (XCONS (val)->car, Qkeymap))
return Qnil;
if (CONSP (val))
fix_submap_inheritance (map, idx, val);
return val;
if (t_ok && EQ (XCONS (binding)->car, Qt))
......@@ -332,6 +457,8 @@ access_keymap (map, idx, t_ok, noinherit)
val = XVECTOR (binding)->contents[XFASTINT (idx)];
if (noprefix && CONSP (val) && EQ (XCONS (val)->car, Qkeymap))
return Qnil;
if (CONSP (val))
fix_submap_inheritance (map, idx, val);
return val;
......@@ -759,6 +886,20 @@ define_as_prefix (keymap, c)
make it a prefix in this map, and make its definition
inherit the other prefix definition. */
inherit = access_keymap (keymap, c, 0, 0);
#if 0
/* This code is needed to do the right thing in the following case:
keymap A inherits from B,
you define KEY as a prefix in A,
then later you define KEY as a prefix in B.
We want the old prefix definition in A to inherit from that in B.
It is hard to do that retroactively, so this code
creates the prefix in B right away.
But it turns out that this code causes problems immediately
when the prefix in A is defined: it causes B to define KEY
as a prefix with no subcommands.
So I took out this code. */
if (NILP (inherit))
/* If there's an inherited keymap
......@@ -773,6 +914,7 @@ define_as_prefix (keymap, c)
if (!NILP (tail))
inherit = define_as_prefix (tail, c);
cmd = nconc2 (cmd, inherit);
store_in_keymap (keymap, c, cmd);
......@@ -2648,6 +2790,8 @@ and applies even for keys that have ordinary bindings.");
staticpro (&Qnon_ascii);
defsubr (&Skeymapp);
defsubr (&Skeymap_parent);
defsubr (&Sset_keymap_parent);
defsubr (&Smake_keymap);
defsubr (&Smake_sparse_keymap);
defsubr (&Scopy_keymap);
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