Commit 7d947e84 authored by Thomas Fitzsimmons's avatar Thomas Fitzsimmons

Change default location of EUDC options file

* NEWS: Document change to EUDC options file's default location.
* lisp/net/eudc-vars.el (eudc-options-file): Use
`locate-user-emacs-file' to change default options file location.
parent b09deaa5
......@@ -633,6 +633,9 @@ to avoid interfering with the kill ring.
*** Custom variable `eudc-inline-expansion-format' defaults to
"Firstname Surname <mail-address>".
*** Custom variable `eudc-options-file' defaults to
*** New custom variable `ldap-ldapsearch-password-prompt-regexp' to
allow overriding the regular expression that recognizes the ldapsearch
command line's password prompt.
......@@ -312,9 +312,11 @@ arguments that should be passed to the program."
:inline t
(string :tag "Argument")))))
(defcustom eudc-options-file "~/.eudc-options"
(defcustom eudc-options-file
(locate-user-emacs-file "eudc-options" ".eudc-options")
"A file where the `servers' hotlist is stored."
:type '(file :Tag "File Name:"))
:type '(file :Tag "File Name:")
:version "25.1")
(defcustom eudc-mode-hook nil
"Normal hook run on entry to EUDC mode."
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