Commit 7dccca16 authored by Ulrich Mueller's avatar Ulrich Mueller Committed by Glenn Morris
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* lisp/play/doctor.el (doctor-death): Escape "," characters.

Fixes: debbugs:10370
parent afbb7930
2012-01-06 Ulrich Mueller <>
* play/doctor.el (doctor-death): Escape "," characters. (Bug#10370)
2012-01-05 Glenn Morris <>
* eshell/em-unix.el (diff-no-select): Autoload it.
......@@ -1576,9 +1576,9 @@ Hack on previous word, setting global variable DOCTOR-OWNER to correct result."
(equal doctor-found 'killing))
(memq 'yourself doctor-sent)))
(setq doctor--suicide-flag t)
(doctor-type '(If you are really suicidal, you might
(doctor-type '(If you are really suicidal\, you might
want to contact the Samaritans via
E-mail: or, at your option,
E-mail: or\, at your option\,
anonymous E-mail:\ \.
or find a Befrienders crisis center at\ \.
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