Commit 7dcefa7a authored by Dima Kogan's avatar Dima Kogan Committed by Lars Ingebrigtsen

View-search-... now hit all the matches, regardless of window position

* lisp/view.el (view-search): Jump to the next/prev occurrence of
the search, even if it's displayed in the buffer (bug#18131).
This seems more logical than the previous (undocumented) behaviour.
parent d7c68362
......@@ -957,7 +957,7 @@ for highlighting the match that is found."
(t (error "No previous View-mode search")))
(if end (goto-char (if (< times 0) (point-max) (point-min)))
(move-to-window-line (if (< times 0) 0 -1)))
(forward-line (if (< times 0) -1 1)))
(if (if no (view-search-no-match-lines times regexp)
(re-search-forward regexp nil t times))
(setq where (point))))
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