Commit 7dde5efe authored by Sam Steingold's avatar Sam Steingold
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* lisp/gnus/gnus-msg.el (gnus-setup-message): Also bind `winconf-name'.

parent 8d40723d
2011-02-22 Sam Steingold <>
* gnus-msg.el (gnus-setup-message): Also bind `winconf-name'.
2011-02-22 Lars Ingebrigtsen <>
* gnus-msg.el (gnus-inews-add-send-actions): Restore the winconf name
......@@ -383,6 +383,7 @@ Thank you for your help in stamping out bugs.
(defvar gnus-article-reply nil)
(defmacro gnus-setup-message (config &rest forms)
(let ((winconf (make-symbol "gnus-setup-message-winconf"))
(winconf-name (make-symbol "gnus-setup-message-winconf"))
(buffer (make-symbol "gnus-setup-message-buffer"))
(article (make-symbol "gnus-setup-message-article"))
(yanked (make-symbol "gnus-setup-yanked-articles"))
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