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(diary-day-of-year, diary-iso-date, diary-islamic-date,

 diary-hebrew-date, diary-julian-date, diary-astro-day-number):
 Use new functions from calendar.el.
parent 6a2aa94c
......@@ -1331,53 +1331,33 @@ ending of that number (that is, `st', `nd', `rd' or `th', as appropriate."
(defun diary-day-of-year ()
"Day of year and number of days remaining in the year of date diary entry."
(let* ((year (extract-calendar-year date))
(day (calendar-day-number date))
(days-remaining (- (calendar-day-number (list 12 31 year)) day)))
(format "Day %d of %d; %d day%s remaining in the year"
day year days-remaining (if (= days-remaining 1) "" "s"))))
(calendar-day-of-year-string date))
(defun diary-iso-date ()
"ISO calendar equivalent of date diary entry."
(let ((day (% (calendar-absolute-from-gregorian date) 7))
(iso-date (calendar-iso-from-absolute
(calendar-absolute-from-gregorian date))))
(format "ISO date: Day %s of week %d of %d."
(if (zerop day) 7 day)
(extract-calendar-month iso-date)
(extract-calendar-year iso-date))))
(format "ISO date: %s" (calendar-iso-date-string date)))
(defun diary-islamic-date ()
"Islamic calendar equivalent of date diary entry."
(let* ((i-date (calendar-islamic-from-absolute
(calendar-absolute-from-gregorian date)))
(calendar-month-name-array calendar-islamic-month-name-array))
(if (>= (extract-calendar-year i-date) 1)
(format "Islamic date: %s" (calendar-date-string i-date nil t)))))
(let ((i (calendar-islamic-date-string
(or (calendar-cursor-to-date)
(error "Cursor is not on a date!")))))
(if (string-equal i "")
"Date is pre-Islamic"
(format "Islamic date (until sunset): %s" i))))
(defun diary-hebrew-date ()
"Hebrew calendar equivalent of date diary entry."
(let* ((h-date (calendar-hebrew-from-absolute
(calendar-absolute-from-gregorian date)))
(if (hebrew-calendar-leap-year-p
(extract-calendar-year h-date))
(format "Hebrew date: %s" (calendar-date-string h-date nil t))))
(format "Hebrew date (until sunset): %s" (calendar-hebrew-date-string date)))
(defun diary-julian-date ()
"Julian calendar equivalent of date diary entry."
(format "Julian date: %s"
(calendar-absolute-from-gregorian date)))
nil t))
(format "Julian date: %s" (calendar-julian-date-string date)))
(defun diary-astro-day-number ()
"Astronomical (Julian) day number diary entry."
(format "Astronomical (Julian) day number %d"
(+ 1721425 (calendar-absolute-from-gregorian date))))
(format "Astronomical (Julian) day number %s"
(calendar-astro-date-string date)))
(defun diary-omer ()
"Omer count diary entry.
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