Commit 7dfe682e authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

* src/fns.c (sxhash): Fix records hashing (bug#27057, bug#26639)

(sxhash_vector): Make it work on pseudo vectors as well.
(sxhash): Treat records like vectors.
parent ac36012d
......@@ -4289,7 +4289,7 @@ sxhash_list (Lisp_Object list, int depth)
/* Return a hash for vector VECTOR. DEPTH is the current depth in
/* Return a hash for (pseudo)vector VECTOR. DEPTH is the current depth in
the Lisp structure. */
......@@ -4298,7 +4298,7 @@ sxhash_vector (Lisp_Object vec, int depth)
EMACS_UINT hash = ASIZE (vec);
int i, n;
n = min (SXHASH_MAX_LEN, ASIZE (vec));
n = min (SXHASH_MAX_LEN, hash & PSEUDOVECTOR_FLAG ? PVSIZE (vec) : hash);
for (i = 0; i < n; ++i)
EMACS_UINT hash2 = sxhash (AREF (vec, i), depth + 1);
......@@ -4353,11 +4353,11 @@ sxhash (Lisp_Object obj, int depth)
/* This can be everything from a vector to an overlay. */
case Lisp_Vectorlike:
if (VECTORP (obj))
if (VECTORP (obj) || RECORDP (obj))
/* According to the CL HyperSpec, two arrays are equal only if
they are `eq', except for strings and bit-vectors. In
Emacs, this works differently. We have to compare element
by element. */
by element. Same for records. */
hash = sxhash_vector (obj, depth);
else if (BOOL_VECTOR_P (obj))
hash = sxhash_bool_vector (obj);
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