Commit 7e294d55 authored by Mattias Engdegård's avatar Mattias Engdegård

Remove some obsolete integer overflow handling

* lisp/subr.el (number-sequence):
* lisp/org/org-gnus.el (org-gnus-follow-link):
* lisp/ls-lisp.el (ls-lisp-insert-directory):
Remove dead code guarding against integer overflow.
parent 87ad8a11
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......@@ -420,14 +420,7 @@ not contain `d', so that a full listing is expected."
attr (cdr elt)
file-size (file-attribute-size attr))
(and attr
(setq sum (+ file-size
;; Even if neither SUM nor file's size
;; overflow, their sum could.
(if (or (< sum (- 134217727 file-size))
(floatp sum)
(floatp file-size))
(float sum))))
(setq sum (+ file-size sum))
(insert (ls-lisp-format short attr file-size
switches time-index))))
;; Insert total size of all files:
......@@ -242,9 +242,7 @@ If `org-store-link' was called with a prefix arg the meaning of
(let ((articles 1)
(while (and (not group-opened)
;; Stop on integer overflows.
(> articles 0))
(while (not group-opened)
(setq group-opened (gnus-group-read-group articles t group))
(setq articles (if (< articles 16)
(1+ articles)
......@@ -681,14 +681,12 @@ of course, also replace TO with a slightly larger value
(when (zerop inc) (error "The increment can not be zero"))
(let (seq (n 0) (next from) (last from))
(if (> inc 0)
;; The (>= next last) condition protects against integer
;; overflow in computing NEXT.
(while (and (>= next last) (<= next to))
(while (<= next to)
(setq seq (cons next seq)
n (1+ n)
last next
next (+ from (* n inc))))
(while (and (<= next last) (>= next to))
(while (>= next to)
(setq seq (cons next seq)
n (1+ n)
next (+ from (* n inc)))))
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