Commit 7e2a83df authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(help-function, help-variable, help-face)

(help-coding-system, help-input-method, help-character-set):
Define each button type with its own explicit define-button-type.
parent eb687116
......@@ -76,13 +76,39 @@ The format is (FUNCTION ARGS...).")
(button-get button 'help-function)
(button-get button 'help-args)))
;; Make some button types that all use the same naming conventions
(dolist (help-type '("function" "variable" "face"
"coding-system" "input-method" "character-set"))
(define-button-type (intern (purecopy (concat "help-" help-type)))
:supertype 'help-xref
'help-function (intern (concat "describe-" help-type))
'help-echo (purecopy (concat "mouse-2, RET: describe this " help-type))))
;; These 6 calls to define-button-type were generated in a dolist
;; loop, but that is bad because it means these button types don't
;; have an easily found definition.
(define-button-type 'help-function
:supertype 'help-xref
'help-function 'describe-function
'help-echo (purecopy "mouse-2, RET: describe this function"))
(define-button-type 'help-variable
:supertype 'help-xref
'help-function 'describe-variable
'help-echo (purecopy "mouse-2, RET: describe this variable"))
(define-button-type 'help-face
:supertype 'help-xref
'help-function 'describe-face
'help-echo (purecopy "mouse-2, RET: describe this face"))
(define-button-type 'help-coding-system
:supertype 'help-xref
'help-function 'describe-coding-system
'help-echo (purecopy "mouse-2, RET: describe this coding system"))
(define-button-type 'help-input-method
:supertype 'help-xref
'help-function 'describe-input-method
'help-echo (purecopy "mouse-2, RET: describe this input method"))
(define-button-type 'help-character-set
:supertype 'help-xref
'help-function 'describe-character-set
'help-echo (purecopy "mouse-2, RET: describe this character set"))
;; make some more ideosyncratic button types
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