Commit 7e37cb69 authored by Romain Francoise's avatar Romain Francoise
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*** empty log message ***

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......@@ -85,11 +85,11 @@
* xfaces.c (Finternal_merge_in_global_face, try_font_list): Add
explicit braces to avoid ambiguous `else'.
2006-04-11 Micha,Ak(Bl Cadilhac <> (tiny change)
2006-04-11 Micha,Ak(Bl Cadilhac <> (tiny change)
* dispnew.c (init_display): Don't init X display if the user asked
for a non-X display.
2006-04-12 Kenichi Handa <>
* coding.c (setup_coding_system): Use system_eol_type for default
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