Commit 7e9a6a1b authored by Miles Bader's avatar Miles Bader
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*** empty log message ***

parent 29a9ebd0
2001-10-21 Miles Bader <>
* help-funs.el (help-manyarg-func-alist): Remove entries for
`insert', `insert_and_inherit', `insert_before_markers',
`insert-before-markers-and-inherit', `messapge', `message_box',
`message_or_box', `propertize', `format', `encode_time', `append',
`concat', `vconcat', `nconc', `widget_apply', `make_hash_table',
`insert_string', `ml_if', `ml_provide_prefix_argument', and
2001-10-21 Andre Spiegel <>
* vc.el (vc-diff-internal, vc-coding-system-for-diff,
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