Commit 7eb63b72 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(Fmodify_frame_parameters): Doc fix.

(store_frame_param): Call swap_in_global_binding if the
variable's current binding was chosen based on this frame.
parent a704139d
......@@ -1956,20 +1956,41 @@ store_frame_param (f, prop, val)
struct frame *f;
Lisp_Object prop, val;
register Lisp_Object tem;
register Lisp_Object old_alist_elt;
/* The buffer-alist parameter is stored in a special place and is
not in the alist. */
if (EQ (prop, Qbuffer_list))
f->buffer_list = val;
tem = Fassq (prop, f->param_alist);
if (EQ (tem, Qnil))
/* If PROP is a symbol which is supposed to have frame-local values,
and it is set up based on this frame, switch to the global
binding. That way, we can create or alter the frame-local binding
without messing up the symbol's status. */
if (SYMBOLP (prop))
Lisp_Object valcontents;
valcontents = XSYMBOL (prop)->value;
if ((BUFFER_LOCAL_VALUEP (valcontents)
|| SOME_BUFFER_LOCAL_VALUEP (valcontents))
&& XBUFFER_LOCAL_VALUE (valcontents)->check_frame
&& XFRAME (XBUFFER_LOCAL_VALUE (valcontents)->frame) == f)
swap_in_global_binding (prop);
/* Update the frame parameter alist. */
old_alist_elt = Fassq (prop, f->param_alist);
if (EQ (old_alist_elt, Qnil))
f->param_alist = Fcons (Fcons (prop, val), f->param_alist);
Fsetcdr (tem, val);
Fsetcdr (old_alist_elt, val);
/* Update some other special parameters in their special places
in addition to the alist. */
if (EQ (prop, Qbuffer_predicate))
f->buffer_predicate = val;
......@@ -2072,7 +2093,11 @@ ALIST is an alist of parameters to change and their new values.\n\
Each element of ALIST has the form (PARM . VALUE), where PARM is a symbol.\n\
The meaningful PARMs depend on the kind of frame.\n\
Undefined PARMs are ignored, but stored in the frame's parameter list\n\
so that `frame-parameters' will return them.")
so that `frame-parameters' will return them.\n\
The value of frame parameter FOO can also be accessed\n\
as a frame-local binding for the variable FOO, if you have\n\
enabled such bindings for that variable with `make-variable-frame-local'.")
(frame, alist)
Lisp_Object frame, alist;
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