Commit 7ec55a18 authored by Mark Oteiza's avatar Mark Oteiza
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Teach image-dired to also generate large thumbs

* lisp/image-dired.el (image-dired-thumbnail-storage): Add
standard-large option.
(image-dired-thumb-size): Add condition for standard-large storage.
(image-dired-insert-thumbnail): Check for new option.  Change
thumbnail path conditionally.
(image-dired-thumb-size): New function.
(image-dired-create-thumb, image-dired-line-up-dynamic): Use it.
parent 5942af61
......@@ -180,8 +180,9 @@ means that each thumbnail is stored in a subdirectory called
stored and generated according to the Thumbnail Managing Standard
that allows sharing of thumbnails across different programs."
:type '(choice :tag "How to store thumbnail files"
(const :tag "Thumbnail Managing Standard" standard)
(const :tag "Use image-dired-dir" use-image-dired-dir)
(const :tag "Thumbnail Managing Standard (normal 128x128)" standard)
(const :tag "Thumbnail Managing Standard (large 256x256)" standard-large)
(const :tag "Per-directory" per-directory))
:group 'image-dired)
......@@ -399,7 +400,10 @@ Used by `image-dired-gallery-generate' to leave out \"hidden\" images."
:group 'image-dired)
(defcustom image-dired-thumb-size
(if (eq 'standard image-dired-thumbnail-storage) 128 100)
((eq 'standard image-dired-thumbnail-storage) 128)
((eq 'standard-large image-dired-thumbnail-storage) 256)
(t 100))
"Size of thumbnails, in pixels.
This is the default size for both `image-dired-thumb-width'
and `image-dired-thumb-height'."
......@@ -569,7 +573,8 @@ Add text properties ORIGINAL-FILE-NAME and ASSOCIATED-DIRED-BUFFER."
(setq beg (point))
(image-dired-insert-image file
;; TODO: this should depend on the real file type
(if (eq 'standard image-dired-thumbnail-storage)
(if (memq image-dired-thumbnail-storage
'(standard standard-large))
'png 'jpeg)
......@@ -591,13 +596,16 @@ MD5-hash of the image file's directory name and add that to make
the thumbnail file name unique. For per-directory storage, just
add a subdirectory. For standard storage, produce the file name
according to the Thumbnail Managing Standard."
(cond ((eq 'standard image-dired-thumbnail-storage)
(cond ((memq image-dired-thumbnail-storage '(standard standard-large))
(let* ((xdg (getenv "XDG_CACHE_HOME"))
(dir (if (and xdg (file-name-absolute-p xdg))
xdg "~/.cache")))
xdg "~/.cache"))
(thumbdir (cl-case image-dired-thumbnail-storage
(standard "thumbnails/normal")
(standard-large "thumbnails/large"))))
(concat (md5 (concat "file://" (expand-file-name file))) ".png")
(expand-file-name "thumbnails/normal" dir))))
(expand-file-name thumbdir dir))))
((eq 'use-image-dired-dir image-dired-thumbnail-storage)
(let* ((f (expand-file-name file))
......@@ -622,23 +630,29 @@ according to the Thumbnail Managing Standard."
(unless (executable-find (symbol-value executable))
(error "Executable %S not found" executable)))
(defun image-dired-thumb-size (dimension)
"Return thumb size depending on `image-dired-thumbnail-storage'.
DIMENSION should be either the symbol 'width or 'height."
((eq 'standard image-dired-thumbnail-storage) 128)
((eq 'standard-large image-dired-thumbnail-storage) 256)
(t (cl-ecase dimension
(width image-dired-thumb-width)
(height image-dired-thumb-height)))))
(defun image-dired-create-thumb (original-file thumbnail-file)
"For ORIGINAL-FILE, create thumbnail image named THUMBNAIL-FILE."
(let* ((width
(int-to-string (or (and (eq image-dired-thumbnail-storage 'standard) 128)
(int-to-string (or (and (eq image-dired-thumbnail-storage 'standard) 128)
(let* ((width (int-to-string (image-dired-thumb-size 'width)))
(height (int-to-string (image-dired-thumb-size 'height)))
(modif-time (format "%.0f" (float-time (nth 5 (file-attributes
(thumbnail-nq8-file (replace-regexp-in-string ".png\\'" "-nq8.png"
(if (eq 'standard image-dired-thumbnail-storage)
(if (memq image-dired-thumbnail-storage '(standard standard-large))
......@@ -1636,8 +1650,7 @@ Calculate how many thumbnails fit."
(/ width
(+ (* 2 image-dired-thumb-relief)
(* 2 image-dired-thumb-margin)
(or (and (eq image-dired-thumbnail-storage 'standard) 128)
(image-dired-thumb-size 'width)
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