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Document spacing issues with Xft for some fonts

* etc/PROBLEMS: Document issues with Xft and some recent fonts (Bug#39082).
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......@@ -728,6 +728,18 @@ and ps-mule to print Unicode characters.
You may have bad fonts.
** Under X, some characters are unexpectedly wide.
e.g. recent versions of Inconsolata show this issue for almost all of
its characters. Due to what is probably an Xft bug, the determination
of the width of some characters is incorrect. One workaround is to
build emacs with Cairo enabled ("configure --with-cairo" and have the
appropriate Cairo development packages installed) as this
configuration does not suffer from this problem. See
<> and
for more discussion.
** Under X, an unexpected monospace font is used as the default font.
When compiled with XFT, Emacs tries to use a default font named
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