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(read_char): Use message3_nolog to show help-echo.

(make_lispy_event) <TOOLBAR_EVENT>: Apply modifiers.
(kbd_store_ptr): Declare it as a volatile pointer
instead of a pointer to a volatile input_event.
(kbd_buffer_store_event): Remove volatile modifier from
declaration of local variable `sp'.
(Fdiscard_input): Don't cast when assigning kbd_store_ptr
to kbd_fetch_ptr.
(make_lispy_event): Handle mouse on top lines.
(make_lispy_movement): Ditto.
(read_char): Rename local variable echo_area_message
because it shadows the global one.
(cmd_error_internal): Set echo_areA_message.
(command_loop_1): Test echo_areA_message.
(read_char): Ditto.
(record_menu_key): Set echo_area_message to nil.
(Fexecute_extended_command): Test echo_area_message.
(Fexecute_extended_command): Handle echo_area_message.
(toolbar_items): Call access_keymap with third
parameter 1, so that we don't get inherited toolbar item
(kbd_buffer_get_event): Set flag to prevent recording
TOOLBAR_EVENT events in last_nonmenu_event.
(timer_check): Inhibit busy cursor around calls to
timer-event-handler.  This busy cursor tends to be anoying if
fontifying stealthily.
(command_loop_1): Display busy cursor.
(Vshow_help_function): New.
(read_char): Use it.
(make_lispy_event): Add string and string position
info to mouse-click events.
(read_key_sequence): Handle `local-map' property of mode line
(Qend_scroll): New.
(scroll_bar_parts): Add it.
(scroll_bar_parts): Add Qtop and Qbottom.
(syms_of_keyboard): Add Qbottom.
(make_lispy_event): Handle scroll_bar_click
differently when using toolkit scroll bars.
(cmd_error_internal): Bug fix.
(syms_of_keyboard): Staticpro toolbar_item_properties
and toolbar_items_vectors.
(Qhelp_echo): New symbol.
(read_char): Handle `toolbar' and `help_echo' events.
(kbd_buffer_get_event): Handle HELP_ECHO input event.
(make_lispy_event): Handle TOOLBAR_EVENT.
(toolbar_items): New.
(process_toolbar_item): New.
(PROP): New.
(init_toolbar_items): New.
(append_toolbar_item): New.
(read_char_x_menu_prompt): Handle `toolbar' event.
(read_key_sequence): Ditto.
(syms_of_keyboard): Intern `:help'.
(toolbar_items): New.
(process_toolbar_item): New.
(parse_toolbar_item): New.
(init_toolbar_items): New.
(append_toolbar_item): New.
(detect_input_pending_run_timers): Likewise.
(detect_input_pending_run_timers): Call gobble_input
after redisplaying.
(clear_waiting_for_input): Return void.
(record_asynch_buffer_change): Return void.
(stop_polling): Return void.
(start_polling): Ditto.
(cmd_error_internal): Write to stderr if selected
frame is Vterminal_frame under X.  This is the case when a font
cannot be loaded when Emacs starts.  Replace test for
FRAME_MESSAGE_BUF with test for glyphs_initialized_p.
(quit_throw_to_read_char): Ditto.
(make_lispy_event): mouse clicks; don't do frame
glyph position calculations.
(make_lispy_movement): Use buffer_posn_from_coords and window
relative coordinates.
(make_lispy_event): For mouse clicks, use
(make_lispy_event): Use BUFFER_POSN_FROM_COORDS
with window relative pixel coordinates.  Use GLYPH_TO_PIXEL_-
COORDS mit new arguments.
(make_lispy_event): WINDOW_FROM_COORDINATES with
pixel coords.
(make_lispy_movement): Same.
(interrupt_signal): Cursor_to with 4 params.
(command_loop_1): Call DIRECT_OUTPUT_FOR_INSERT
for any character.
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