Commit 7f07d5ca authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Vspecial_event_map): New variable.

(syms_of_keyboard): Define Lisp var; init the map.
(read_char): Look up each event in Vspecial_event_map; if bound,
execute the binding here and read another event.
(keys_of_keyboard): Make bindings for iconify-frame,
make-frame-visible and delete-frame.
parent 60573a90
......@@ -199,6 +199,10 @@ Lisp_Object Voverriding_local_map;
/* If non-nil, Voverriding_local_map applies to the menu bar. */
Lisp_Object Voverriding_local_map_menu_flag;
/* Keymap that defines special misc events that should
be processed immediately at a low level. */
Lisp_Object Vspecial_event_map;
/* Current depth in recursive edits. */
int command_loop_level;
......@@ -1645,12 +1649,15 @@ read_char (commandflag, nmaps, maps, prev_event, used_mouse_menu)
jmp_buf local_getcjmp;
jmp_buf save_jump;
int key_already_recorded = 0;
Lisp_Object tem;
Lisp_Object also_record;
also_record = Qnil;
before_command_key_count = this_command_key_count;
before_command_echo_length = echo_length ();
if (CONSP (Vunread_command_events))
c = XCONS (Vunread_command_events)->car;
......@@ -2019,6 +2026,18 @@ read_char (commandflag, nmaps, maps, prev_event, used_mouse_menu)
if (key_already_recorded)
return c;
/* Process special events within read_char
and loop around to read another event. */
tem = get_keyelt (access_keymap (get_keymap_1 (Vspecial_event_map, 0, 0),
c, 0, 0), 1);
if (!NILP (tem))
last_input_char = c;
Fcommand_execute (tem, Qnil);
goto retry;
/* Wipe the echo area. */
echo_area_glyphs = 0;
......@@ -7220,6 +7239,10 @@ Otherwise, the menu bar continues to reflect the buffer's local map\n\
and the minor mode maps regardless of `overriding-local-map'.");
Voverriding_local_map_menu_flag = Qnil;
DEFVAR_LISP ("special-event-map", &Vspecial_event_map,
"Keymap defining bindings for special events to execute at low level.");
Vspecial_event_map = Fcons (intern ("keymap"), Qnil);
DEFVAR_LISP ("track-mouse", &do_mouse_tracking,
"*Non-nil means generate motion events for mouse motion.");
......@@ -7248,4 +7271,11 @@ keys_of_keyboard ()
initial_define_key (meta_map, Ctl ('C'), "exit-recursive-edit");
initial_define_key (global_map, Ctl (']'), "abort-recursive-edit");
initial_define_key (meta_map, 'x', "execute-extended-command");
initial_define_lispy_key (Vspecial_event_map, "delete-frame",
initial_define_lispy_key (Vspecial_event_map, "iconify-frame",
initial_define_lispy_key (Vspecial_event_map, "make-frame-visible",
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