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C++ Mode: Prevent End of statement being found after {} in "count << vec{} <<"

* lisp/progmodes/cc-engine.el (c-beginning-of-statement-1): Check for
operators which cannot start a statement, which may follow a closing brace.
Don't recognise an end of statement in such a case.

* lisp/progmodes/cc-langs.el (c-operator-re, c-bin-tern-operators)
(c-unary-operators, c-non-after-{}-operators, c-non-after-{}-ops-re): New lang
consts and vars.
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......@@ -1227,7 +1227,23 @@ comment at the start of cc-engine.el for more info."
(not (looking-at
(or comma-delim
(not (eq (char-after) ?\,)))))))
(not (eq (char-after) ?\,))))))
;; Is the {..} followed by an operator which
;; prevents it being a statement in its own right?
(not (looking-at c-non-after-{}-ops-re))
(- (match-end 0) (match-beginning 0))))
(looking-at c-operator-re)
(> (- (match-end 0) (match-beginning 0))
(c-forward-sexp) (point)))
;; Just gone back over some paren block?
......@@ -1205,6 +1205,36 @@ since CC Mode treats every identifier as an expression."
;; The operators as a flat list (without duplicates).
t (c-filter-ops (c-lang-const c-operators) t t))
(c-lang-defconst c-operator-re
;; A regexp which matches any operator.
t (regexp-opt (c-lang-const c-operator-list)))
(c-lang-defvar c-operator-re (c-lang-const c-operator-re))
(c-lang-defconst c-bin-tern-operators
;; All binary and ternary operators
t (c-filter-ops (c-lang-const c-operators)
'(left-assoc right-assoc right-assoc-sequence)
(c-lang-defconst c-unary-operators
;; All unary operators.
t (c-filter-ops (c-lang-const c-operators)
'(prefix postfix postfix-if-paren)
(c-lang-defconst c-non-after-{}-operators
"Operators which can't appear after a block {..} construct."
t (c--set-difference (c-lang-const c-bin-tern-operators)
(c-lang-const c-unary-operators)
:test #'string-equal)
awk (remove "/" (c-lang-const c-non-after-{}-operators)))
(c-lang-defconst c-non-after-{}-ops-re
;; A regexp matching operators which can't appear after a block {..}
;; construct.
t (regexp-opt (c-lang-const c-non-after-{}-operators)))
(c-lang-defvar c-non-after-{}-ops-re (c-lang-const c-non-after-{}-ops-re))
(c-lang-defconst c-overloadable-operators
"List of the operators that are overloadable, in their \"identifier
form\". See also `c-op-identifier-prefix'."
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