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2009-01-25 Carsten Dominik <>

	* refcards/orgcard.tex: New year and version number.
	Document heading/item conversion commands.
	Document C-c RET in tables.
parent 55e0839d
% Reference Card for Org Mode
\def\versionyear{2008} % latest update
\def\versionyear{2009} % latest update
\def\year{2009} % latest copyright year
%**start of header
......@@ -308,17 +308,16 @@ \section{Structure Editing}
\key{insert new heading after subtree}{C-RET}
\key{insert new TODO entry/checkbox item}{M-S-RET}
\key{insert TODO entry/ckbx after subtree}{C-S-RET}
\key{turn (head)line into item, cycle item type}{C-c -}
\key{turn item/line into headline}{C-c *}
\key{promote/demote heading}{M-LEFT/RIGHT}
\metax{promote/demote current subtree}{M-S-LEFT/RIGHT}
\key{move subtree/list item up/down}{M-S-UP/DOWN}
\key{refile subtree}{C-c C-w}
\key{kill subtree}{C-c C-x C-w}
\key{copy subtree}{C-c C-x M-w}
\metax{move subtree/list item up/down}{M-S-UP/DOWN}
\metax{refile subtree}{C-c C-w}
\metax{kill/copy subtree}{C-c C-x C-w/M-w}
\metax{yank subtree}{C-c C-x C-y or C-y}
\key{narrow buffer to current subtree}{C-x n s}
\key{widen restriction to full buffer}{C-x n w}
\metax{narrow buffer to subtree / widen}{C-x n s/w}
......@@ -375,6 +374,7 @@ \section{Tables}
\key{kill the current row or horizontal line}{M-S-UP}
\key{insert new row above the current row}{M-S-DOWN}
\key{insert hline below (\kbd{C-u} : above) current row}{C-c -}
\key{insert hline and move to line below it}{C-c RET}
\key{sort lines in region}{C-c \^{}}
{\bf Regions}
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