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* minibuf.texi (Basic Completion): Mention completion-table-with-quoting

parent e3369c41
......@@ -887,10 +887,10 @@ Here is an example:
@end defmac
@c FIXME? completion-table-with-context?
@findex completion-table-case-fold
@findex completion-table-in-turn
@findex completion-table-subvert
@findex completion-table-with-quoting
@findex completion-table-with-predicate
@findex completion-table-with-terminator
@cindex completion table, modifying
......@@ -899,10 +899,11 @@ There are several functions that take an existing completion table and
return a modified version. @code{completion-table-case-fold} returns
a case-insensitive table. @code{completion-table-in-turn} combines
multiple input tables. @code{completion-table-subvert} alters a table
to use a different initial prefix.
@code{completion-table-with-terminator} adds a terminating string.
to use a different initial prefix. @code{completion-table-with-quoting}
returns a table suitable for operating on quoted text.
@code{completion-table-with-predicate} filters a table with a
predicate function.
predicate function. @code{completion-table-with-terminator} adds a
terminating string.
@node Minibuffer Completion
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