Commit 7f6c6253 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

* src/fileio.c: Don't convert \r to \n just because of C-x $

(choose_write_coding_system): Setup the \r to \n conversion only if
selective-display is t.
parent fa80f93a
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......@@ -4854,7 +4854,7 @@ choose_write_coding_system (Lisp_Object start, Lisp_Object end, Lisp_Object file
val = coding_inherit_eol_type (val, eol_parent);
setup_coding_system (val, coding);
if (!STRINGP (start) && !NILP (BVAR (current_buffer, selective_display)))
if (!STRINGP (start) && EQ (Qt, BVAR (current_buffer, selective_display)))
return val;
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