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Describe diary-remind and diary-date.

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......@@ -763,6 +763,44 @@ Renew medication (5th time)
in the fancy diary display on September 8, 1990.
There is an early reminder diary sexp that includes its entry in the
diary not only on the date of occurrence, but also on earlier dates.
For example, if you want a reminder a week before your anniversary, you
can use
@findex diary-remind
%%(diary-remind '(diary-anniversary 12 22 1968) 7) Ruth & Ed's anniversary
@end smallexample
and your diary will show
Ruth & Ed's anniversary
@end smallexample
both on December 15 and on December 22.
@findex diary-date
The function @code{diary-date} applies to dates described by a month,
day, year combination, each of which can be an integer, a list of
integers, or @code{t}. The value @code{t} means all values. For
%%(diary-date '(10 11 12) 22 t) Rake leaves
@end smallexample
causes your diary to show
Rake leaves
@end smallexample
on October 22, November 22, and December 22 of any year.
The generality of sexp diary entries lets you specify any diary entry
that you can describe algorithmically. A sexp diary entry contains an
expression that computes whether the entry applies to any given date.
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