Commit 7f8dba73 authored by Reiner Steib's avatar Reiner Steib
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(Spelling): Add turn-on-flyspell. (Bug#2517)

parent ccbc4452
2009-03-05 Reiner Steib <>
* fixit.texi (Spelling): Add turn-on-flyspell. (Bug#2517)
2009-03-05 Glenn Morris <>
* rmail.texi (Rmail Basics): Add reference to sorting.
......@@ -396,6 +396,10 @@ When it finds a word that it does not recognize, it highlights that
word. This does not interfere with your editing, but when you see the
highlighted word, you can move to it and fix it. Type @kbd{M-x
flyspell-mode} to enable or disable this mode in the current buffer.
@findex turn-on-flyspell
To enable @code{flyspell-mode} in all text mode buffers, add
@code{turn-on-flyspell} to @code{text-mode-hook}.
When Flyspell mode highlights a word as misspelled, you can click on
it with @kbd{Mouse-2} to display a menu of possible corrections and
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