Commit 7fa26c0a authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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Clean up mechanism for removing -l loadup from end.

parent 0f4b266c
......@@ -251,13 +251,12 @@
;; For machines with CANNOT_DUMP defined in config.h,
;; this file must be loaded each time Emacs is run.
;; So run the startup code now.
;; So run the startup code now. First, remove `-l loadup' from args.
(or (equal (nth 3 command-line-args) "dump")
(equal (nth 4 command-line-args) "dump")
;; Avoid loading loadup.el a second time!
(setq command-line-args (cdr (cdr command-line-args)))
(eval top-level)))
(if (and (equal (nth 1 command-line-args) "-l")
(equal (nth 2 command-line-args) "loadup"))
(setcdr command-line-args (nthcdr 3 command-line-args)))
(eval top-level)
;;; loadup.el ends here
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