Commit 7ff651d0 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Require calendar rather than declaring functions.

(cal-menu-diary-menu): Remove menu headings that cause cal-bahai,
cal-islam, cal-hebrew to be loaded on starting the calendar.
parent 282179b2
......@@ -33,38 +33,7 @@
;;; Code:
;; The code in this file is only called from calendar.el, but can't
;; require it (to supress undefined function warnings from compiler)
;; without a recursive require.
;; All these functions are either autoloaded, or autoloaded or defined
;; in calendar.el.
(declare-function calendar-increment-month "calendar" (n &optional mon yr))
(declare-function calendar-month-name "calendar" (month &optional abbrev))
(declare-function extract-calendar-year "calendar" (date))
(declare-function calendar-cursor-to-date "calendar" (&optional error))
(declare-function holiday-list "holidays" (y1 y2 &optional l label))
(declare-function calendar-sunrise-sunset "solar" nil)
(declare-function calendar-current-date "calendar" nil)
(declare-function calendar-cursor-holidays "holidays" nil)
(declare-function calendar-date-string "calendar"
(date &optional abbreviate nodayname))
(declare-function insert-diary-entry "diary-lib" (arg))
(declare-function calendar-set-mark "calendar" (arg))
(declare-function cal-tex-cursor-day "cal-tex" (&optional arg))
(declare-function cal-tex-cursor-week "cal-tex" (&optional arg))
(declare-function cal-tex-cursor-week2 "cal-tex" (&optional arg))
(declare-function cal-tex-cursor-week-iso "cal-tex" (&optional arg))
(declare-function cal-tex-cursor-week-monday "cal-tex" (&optional arg))
(declare-function cal-tex-cursor-filofax-daily "cal-tex" (&optional arg))
(declare-function cal-tex-cursor-filofax-2week "cal-tex" (&optional arg))
(declare-function cal-tex-cursor-filofax-week "cal-tex" (&optional arg))
(declare-function cal-tex-cursor-month "cal-tex" (arg))
(declare-function cal-tex-cursor-month-landscape "cal-tex" (&optional arg))
(declare-function cal-tex-cursor-year "cal-tex" (&optional arg))
(declare-function cal-tex-cursor-filofax-year "cal-tex" (&optional arg))
(declare-function cal-tex-cursor-year-landscape "cal-tex" (&optional arg))
(declare-function calendar-other-dates "calendar" (date))
(declare-function calendar-goto-date "cal-move" (date))
(require 'calendar)
(defconst cal-menu-moon-menu
......@@ -84,17 +53,14 @@
["Insert Block" insert-block-diary-entry]
["Insert Cyclic" insert-cyclic-diary-entry]
("Insert Baha'i"
[" " nil :suffix (calendar-bahai-date-string (calendar-cursor-to-date))]
["One time" diary-bahai-insert-entry]
["Monthly" diary-bahai-insert-monthly-entry]
["Yearly" diary-bahai-insert-yearly-entry])
("Insert Islamic"
[" " nil :suffix (calendar-islamic-date-string (calendar-cursor-to-date))]
["One time" insert-islamic-diary-entry]
["Monthly" insert-monthly-islamic-diary-entry]
["Yearly" insert-yearly-islamic-diary-entry])
("Insert Hebrew"
[" " nil :suffix (calendar-hebrew-date-string (calendar-cursor-to-date))]
["One time" insert-hebrew-diary-entry]
["Monthly" insert-monthly-hebrew-diary-entry]
["Yearly" insert-yearly-hebrew-diary-entry])))
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