Commit 7ff7624a authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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Merge from gnulib

This incorporates:
2017-05-08 intprops: don’t depend on ‘verify’
2017-05-07 utimens: on native Windows, improve resolution if fd < 0
2017-05-07 utimens: Improve error code on native Windows
* lib/intprops.h, lib/utimens.c: Copy from gnulib.
parent e93f39d2
......@@ -21,7 +21,6 @@
#define _GL_INTPROPS_H
#include <limits.h>
#include <verify.h>
/* Return a value with the common real type of E and V and the value of V. */
#define _GL_INT_CONVERT(e, v) (0 * (e) + (v))
......@@ -80,24 +79,7 @@
/* This include file assumes that signed types are two's complement without
padding bits; the above macros have undefined behavior otherwise.
If this is a problem for you, please let us know how to fix it for your host.
As a sanity check, test the assumption for some signed types that
<limits.h> bounds. */
verify (TYPE_MINIMUM (signed char) == SCHAR_MIN);
verify (TYPE_MAXIMUM (signed char) == SCHAR_MAX);
verify (TYPE_MINIMUM (short int) == SHRT_MIN);
verify (TYPE_MAXIMUM (short int) == SHRT_MAX);
verify (TYPE_MINIMUM (int) == INT_MIN);
verify (TYPE_MAXIMUM (int) == INT_MAX);
verify (TYPE_MINIMUM (long int) == LONG_MIN);
verify (TYPE_MAXIMUM (long int) == LONG_MAX);
#ifdef LLONG_MAX
verify (TYPE_MINIMUM (long long int) == LLONG_MIN);
verify (TYPE_MAXIMUM (long long int) == LLONG_MAX);
/* Similarly, sanity-check one ISO/IEC TS 18661-1:2014 macro if defined. */
verify (TYPE_WIDTH (unsigned int) == UINT_WIDTH);
This assumption is tested by the intprops-tests module. */
/* Does the __typeof__ keyword work? This could be done by
'configure', but for now it's easier to do it by hand. */
......@@ -349,11 +349,19 @@ fdutimens (int fd, char const *file, struct timespec const timespec[2])
return 0;
#if 0
DWORD sft_error = GetLastError ();
fprintf (stderr, "utime SetFileTime error 0x%x\n", (unsigned int) sft_error);
#if 0
fprintf (stderr, "fdutimens SetFileTime error 0x%x\n", (unsigned int) sft_error);
errno = EINVAL;
switch (sft_error)
case ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED: /* fd was opened without O_RDWR */
errno = EACCES; /* not specified by POSIX */
errno = EINVAL;
return -1;
......@@ -465,7 +473,9 @@ fdutimens (int fd, char const *file, struct timespec const timespec[2])
return -1;
return _gl_utimens_windows (file, ts);
return utimes (file, t);
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