Commit 8016430a authored by Lute Kamstra's avatar Lute Kamstra
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(generic-make-keywords-list): Fix docstring.

(generic-mode-internal): Simplify generic-font-lock-keywords.
parent 7a15a271
......@@ -222,12 +222,10 @@ See the file generic-x.el for some examples of `define-generic-mode'."
;; Font-lock functionality.
;; Font-lock-defaults is always set even if there are no keywords
;; or font-lock expressions, so comments can be highlighted.
(setq generic-font-lock-keywords
(when keyword-list
(list (generic-make-keywords-list keyword-list
(setq generic-font-lock-keywords font-lock-list)
(when keyword-list
(push (concat "\\_<" (regexp-opt keyword-list t) "\\_>")
(setq font-lock-defaults '(generic-font-lock-keywords nil))
;; Call a list of functions
......@@ -324,14 +322,19 @@ Some generic modes are defined in `generic-x.el'."
imenu-case-fold-search t))
(defun generic-make-keywords-list (keywords-list face &optional prefix suffix)
"Return a regular expression matching the specified KEYWORDS-LIST.
The regexp is highlighted with FACE."
(unless (listp keywords-list)
(defun generic-make-keywords-list (keyword-list face &optional prefix suffix)
"Return a `font-lock-keywords' construct that highlights KEYWORD-LIST.
KEYWORD-LIST is a list of keyword strings that should be
highlighted with face FACE. This function calculates a regular
expression that matches these keywords and concatenates it with
PREFIX and SUFFIX. Then it returns a construct based on this
regular expression that can be used as an element of
(unless (listp keyword-list)
(error "Keywords argument must be a list of strings"))
(list (concat prefix "\\_<"
;; Use an optimized regexp.
(regexp-opt keywords-list t)
(regexp-opt keyword-list t)
"\\_>" suffix)
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