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(Display Custom): Add `overflow-newline-into-fringe',

`indicate-buffer-boundaries' and `default-indicate-buffer-boundaries'.
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......@@ -990,6 +990,46 @@ the value of @code{truncate-lines}. For information about side-by-side
windows, see @ref{Split Window}. See also @ref{Display,, Display,
elisp, The Emacs Lisp Reference Manual}.
@vindex overflow-newline-into-fringe
If the variable @code{overflow-newline-into-fringe} is
non-@code{nil} on a window system, it specifies that lines which are
exactly as wide as the window (not counting the final newline
character) shall not be broken into two lines on the display (with
just the newline on the second line). Instead, the newline
overflows into the right fringe, and the cursor will be displayed in
the fringe when positioned on that newline.
@end defvar
@vindex indicate-buffer-boundaries
On a window system, Emacs may indicate the buffer boundaries in the
fringes. The buffer boundaries, i.e. first and last line in the
buffer, can be marked with angle bitmaps in the left or right fringe.
This can be combined with up and down arrow bitmaps shown at the top
and bottom of the left or right fringe if the window can be scrolled
in either direction.
The buffer-local variable @code{indicate-buffer-boundaries} controls
how the buffer boundaries and window scrolling is indicated in the
If the value is @code{left} or @code{right}, both angle and arrow
bitmaps are displayed in the left or right fringe, respectively.
Any other non-@code{nil} value causes the bitmap on the top line to be
displayed in the left fringe, and the bitmap on the bottom line in the
right fringe.
If value is a cons @code{(angles . arrows)}, the car specifies the
position of the angle bitmaps, and the cdr specifies the position of
the arrow bitmaps. For example, @code{(t . right)} places the top
angle bitmap in left fringe, the bottom angle bitmap in right fringe,
and both arrow bitmaps in right fringe. To show just the angle
bitmaps in the left fringe, but no arrow bitmaps, use @code{(left . nil)}.
@vindex default-indicate-buffer-boundaries
The value of the variable @code{default-indicate-buffer-boundaries}
is the default value for @code{indicate-buffer-boundaries} in buffers
that do not override it.
@vindex baud-rate
The variable @code{baud-rate} holds the output speed of the
terminal, as far as Emacs knows. Setting this variable does not
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