Commit 803ee7b9 authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(Font Lookup): Document WIDTH argument of x-list-fonts.

parent fb13a416
......@@ -2725,7 +2725,7 @@ nominal heights and widths would suggest.
@node Font Lookup
@subsection Looking Up Fonts
@defun x-list-fonts name &optional reference-face frame maximum
@defun x-list-fonts name &optional reference-face frame maximum width
This function returns a list of available font names that match
@var{name}. @var{name} should be a string containing a font name in
either the Fontconfig, GTK, or XLFD format (@pxref{Font X,, Font
......@@ -2744,6 +2744,11 @@ return. If it is non-@code{nil}, then the return value is truncated
after the first @var{maximum} matching fonts. Specifying a small
value for @var{maximum} can make this function much faster, in cases
where many fonts match the pattern.
The optional argument @var{width} specifies a desired font width. If
it is non-@code{nil}, the function only returns those fonts whose
characters are (on average) @var{width} times as wide as
@end defun
@defun x-family-fonts &optional family frame
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