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* gnus.el: Fix cycle in eager macroexpansion

* lisp/gnus/gnus-sum.el (gnus-data): Use cl-defstruct.
(gnus-data-set-pos, gnus-data-set-header, gnus-data-set-mark)
(gnus-data-set-number): Delete macros; use `setf` instead.
(gnus-data-unread-p, gnus-data-read-p, gnus-data-pseudo-p, gnus-data-find)
(gnus-summary-skip-intangible, gnus-summary-article-number):
Redefine as inlinable functions rather than macros.

* lisp/gnus/gnus.el: Adjust autoloads for the macros turned functions.
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......@@ -3157,53 +3157,29 @@ The following commands are available:
;; Summary data functions.
(defmacro gnus-data-number (data)
`(car ,data))
(cl-defstruct (gnus-data
(:constructor nil)
(:constructor gnus-data-make (number mark pos header level))
(:type list))
number mark pos header level)
(defmacro gnus-data-set-number (data number)
`(setcar ,data ,number))
(define-inline gnus-data-unread-p (data)
(inline-quote (= (gnus-data-mark ,data) gnus-unread-mark)))
(defmacro gnus-data-mark (data)
`(nth 1 ,data))
(define-inline gnus-data-read-p (data)
(inline-quote (/= (gnus-data-mark ,data) gnus-unread-mark)))
(defmacro gnus-data-set-mark (data mark)
`(setcar (nthcdr 1 ,data) ,mark))
(define-inline gnus-data-pseudo-p (data)
(inline-quote (consp (gnus-data-header ,data))))
(defmacro gnus-data-pos (data)
`(nth 2 ,data))
(defmacro gnus-data-set-pos (data pos)
`(setcar (nthcdr 2 ,data) ,pos))
(defmacro gnus-data-header (data)
`(nth 3 ,data))
(defmacro gnus-data-set-header (data header)
`(setf (nth 3 ,data) ,header))
(defmacro gnus-data-level (data)
`(nth 4 ,data))
(defmacro gnus-data-unread-p (data)
`(= (nth 1 ,data) gnus-unread-mark))
(defmacro gnus-data-read-p (data)
`(/= (nth 1 ,data) gnus-unread-mark))
(defmacro gnus-data-pseudo-p (data)
`(consp (nth 3 ,data)))
(defmacro gnus-data-find (number)
`(assq ,number gnus-newsgroup-data))
(define-inline gnus-data-find (number)
(inline-quote (assq ,number gnus-newsgroup-data)))
(defmacro gnus-data-find-list (number &optional data)
`(let ((bdata ,(or data 'gnus-newsgroup-data)))
(memq (assq ,number bdata)
(defmacro gnus-data-make (number mark pos header level)
`(list ,number ,mark ,pos ,header ,level))
(defun gnus-data-enter (after-article number mark pos header level offset)
(let ((data (gnus-data-find-list after-article)))
(unless data
......@@ -3293,9 +3269,10 @@ The following commands are available:
(setq data (cdr data)))
(defmacro gnus-summary-skip-intangible ()
(defsubst gnus-summary-skip-intangible ()
;; FIXME: Does this really warrant a `defsubst'?
"If the current article is intangible, then jump to a different article."
'(let ((to (get-text-property (point) 'gnus-intangible)))
(let ((to (get-text-property (point) 'gnus-intangible)))
(and to (gnus-summary-goto-subject to))))
(defmacro gnus-summary-article-intangible-p ()
......@@ -3304,14 +3281,13 @@ The following commands are available:
;; Some summary mode macros.
(defmacro gnus-summary-article-number ()
(defsubst gnus-summary-article-number ()
"The article number of the article on the current line.
If there isn't an article number here, then we return the current
article number."
(or (get-text-property (point) 'gnus-number)
(define-inline gnus-summary-article-header (&optional number)
"Return the header of article NUMBER."
......@@ -3434,7 +3410,7 @@ marks of articles."
(while data
(while (get-text-property (point) 'gnus-intangible)
(forward-line 1))
(gnus-data-set-pos (car data) (+ (point) 3))
(setf (gnus-data-pos (car data)) (+ (point) 3))
(setq data (cdr data))
(forward-line 1))))))
......@@ -4709,7 +4685,7 @@ the id of the parent article (if any)."
(delq thread parent)))
(if (gnus-summary-insert-subject id header)
;; Set the (possibly) new article number in the data structure.
(gnus-data-set-number data (gnus-id-to-article id))
(setf (gnus-data-number data) (gnus-id-to-article id))
(setcar thread old)
......@@ -9811,8 +9787,8 @@ C-u g', show the raw article."
(insert ".\n")
(let ((nntp-server-buffer (current-buffer)))
(setq header (car (gnus-get-newsgroup-headers deps t))))))
(gnus-data-find (cdr gnus-article-current))
(setf (gnus-data-header
(gnus-data-find (cdr gnus-article-current)))
(cdr gnus-article-current) header)
......@@ -10762,7 +10738,7 @@ groups."
(let ((nntp-server-buffer (current-buffer)))
(setq header (car (gnus-get-newsgroup-headers nil t))))
(with-current-buffer gnus-summary-buffer
(gnus-data-set-header (gnus-data-find article) header)
(setf (gnus-data-header (gnus-data-find article)) header)
(gnus-summary-update-article-line article header)
(if (gnus-summary-goto-subject article nil t)
(gnus-summary-update-secondary-mark article)))))))
......@@ -11271,8 +11247,9 @@ If NO-EXPIRE, auto-expiry will be inhibited."
(insert to-insert))
;; Optionally update the marks by some user rule.
(when (eq type 'unread)
(gnus-data-find (gnus-summary-article-number)) mark)
(setf (gnus-data-mark
(gnus-data-find (gnus-summary-article-number)))
(gnus-summary-update-line (eq mark gnus-unread-mark)))))))
(defun gnus-mark-article-as-read (article &optional mark)
......@@ -2617,8 +2617,8 @@ are always t.")
gnus-list-of-unread-articles gnus-list-of-read-articles
gnus-offer-save-summaries gnus-make-thread-indent-array
gnus-summary-exit gnus-update-read-articles gnus-summary-last-subject
(gnus-summary-skip-intangible macro) (gnus-summary-article-number macro)
(gnus-data-header macro) (gnus-data-find macro))
gnus-summary-skip-intangible gnus-summary-article-number
gnus-data-header gnus-data-find)
("gnus-group" gnus-group-insert-group-line gnus-group-quit
gnus-group-list-groups gnus-group-first-unread-group
gnus-group-set-mode-line gnus-group-set-info gnus-group-save-newsrc
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