Commit 80688f5c authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(vc-backend-checkin): When CVS checks in a file, it is

immediately checked out again, so set vc-checkout-time.

(vc-fetch-properties): CVS 1.4A1 says "Repository revision".

(vc-locking-user): Do something sensible when the backend
is CVS.  May return a numerical UID or a string when CVS is used.
(vc-dired-reformat-line): Handle numerical arguments.

(vc-backend-checkout): Don't extract CVS files twice.

(vc-next-action-on-file): Handle return value from
vc-backend-merge-news correctly.

(vc-rename-file): Fixed call to vc-backend-dispatch.
(vc-make-buffer-writable-hook): New hook, for CVS only.
(vc-header-alist): Added header for CVS.
(vc-next-action-on-file): Added support for CVS.
(vc-next-action, vc-checkin, vc-revert-buffer): Doc fixes.
(vc-rename-file): Disable if the backend is CVS.
(vc-log-info): New arguments: LAST and FLAGS, passed on to
vc-do-command.  All callers updated.
(vc-fetch-properties): Implement support for CVS files.

(vc-backend-checkin): Args REV and COMMENT no longer optional.
Implement support for CVS.
(vc-backend-revert): Implement support for CVS.
(vc-backend-diff): Treat files which are added, but not yet committed,
specially (diff them against /dev/null).
(vc-backend-merge-news): New function.
(vc-log-mode): Talk a little about CVS in the comment.

(vc-log-info): Simplify code.

(vc-do-command): New argument LAST.  All callers updated.
Legal values for LAST are 'MASTER and 'BASE.
(vc-backend-dispatch): New argument C, used by CVS.  All callers
updated, but many just passes an (error "NYI") form.
(vc-backend-admin): Issue a "cvs add" (but not a "cvs commit").
(vc-backend-checkout, vc-backend-logentry-check, vc-backend-print-log,
vc-backend-assign-name, vc-backend-diff, vc-check-headers): Handle CVS.
(vc-backend-steal, vc-backend-uncheck): Give error if using CVS.

(vc-backend-diff): Fixed typo in SCCS code.
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