Commit 808052d6 authored by Markus Rost's avatar Markus Rost
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(diary-file-name-prefix-function): Fix custom type.

parent 1094ef26
2003-02-17 Markus Rost <>
* calendar/calendar.el (diary-file-name-prefix-function): Fix
custom type.
2003-02-17 Andre Spiegel <>
* vc-cvs.el (vc-cvs-dir-state): Protect against DIR not being
......@@ -312,7 +312,7 @@ calendar."
(defcustom diary-file-name-prefix-function (function (lambda (str) str))
"*The function that will take a diary file name and return the desired prefix."
:type 'string
:type 'function
:group 'diary)
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