Commit 808699f1 authored by Eric S. Raymond's avatar Eric S. Raymond

bzr-state randomly/unpredictably fails on non-bzr files.

parent 6d80f26a
......@@ -178,6 +178,113 @@ in the repository root directory of FILE."
(insert-file-contents-literally file)
(sha1 (current-buffer))))
(defun vc-bzr-state-heuristic (file)
"Like `vc-bzr-state' but hopefully without running Bzr."
;; `bzr status' could be slow with large histories and pending merges,
;; so this tries to avoid calling it if possible. bzr status is
;; faster now, so this is not as important as it was.
;; This function tries first to parse Bzr internal file
;; `checkout/dirstate', but it may fail if Bzr internal file format
;; has changed. As a safeguard, the `checkout/dirstate' file is
;; only parsed if it contains the string `#bazaar dirstate flat
;; format 3' in the first line.
;; If the `checkout/dirstate' file cannot be parsed, fall back to
;; running `vc-bzr-state'."
;; The format of the dirstate file is explained in bzrlib/
;; in the bzr distribution. Basically:
;; header-line giving the version of the file format in use.
;; a few lines of stuff
;; entries, one per line, with null-separated fields. Each line:
;; entry_key = dirname (may be empty), basename, file-id
;; current = common ( = kind, fingerprint, size, executable )
;; + working ( = packed_stat )
;; parent = common ( as above ) + history ( = rev_id )
;; kinds = (r)elocated, (a)bsent, (d)irectory, (f)ile, (l)ink
(let* ((root (vc-bzr-root file))
(dirstate (expand-file-name vc-bzr-admin-dirstate root)))
(when root ; Short cut.
(condition-case err
(insert-file-contents dirstate)
(goto-char (point-min))
(if (not (looking-at "#bazaar dirstate flat format 3"))
(vc-bzr-state file) ; Some other unknown format?
(let* ((relfile (file-relative-name file root))
(reldir (file-name-directory relfile)))
(concat "^\0"
(if reldir (regexp-quote
(directory-file-name reldir)))
(regexp-quote (file-name-nondirectory relfile))
"[^\0]*\0" ;id?
"\\([^\0]*\\)\0" ;"a/f/d", a=removed?
"\\([^\0]*\\)\0" ;sha1 (empty if conflicted)?
"\\([^\0]*\\)\0" ;size?p
;; y/n. Whether or not the current copy
;; was executable the last time bzr checked?
"[^\0]*\0" ;?
;; Parent information. Absent in a new repo.
"\\(?:\\([^\0]*\\)\0" ;"a/f/d" a=added?
"\\([^\0]*\\)\0" ;sha1 again?
"\\([^\0]*\\)\0" ;size again?
;; y/n. Whether or not the repo thinks
;; the file should be executable?
"[^\0]*\0\\)?" ;last revid?
;; There are more fields when merges are pending.
nil t))
;; Apparently the second sha1 is the one we want: when
;; there's a conflict, the first sha1 is absent (and the
;; first size seems to correspond to the file with
;; conflict markers).
((eq (char-after (match-beginning 1)) ?a) 'removed)
;; If there is no parent, this must be a new repo.
;; If file is in dirstate, can only be added (b#8025).
((or (not (match-beginning 4))
(eq (char-after (match-beginning 4)) ?a)) 'added)
((or (and (eq (string-to-number (match-string 3))
(nth 7 (file-attributes file)))
(equal (match-string 5)
(save-match-data (vc-bzr-sha1 file)))
;; For a file, does the executable state match?
;; (Bug#7544)
(or (not
(eq (char-after (match-beginning 1)) ?f))
(let ((exe
(nth 8 (file-attributes file))))))
(if (eq (char-after (match-beginning 7))
(not exe)))))
;; It looks like for lightweight
;; checkouts \2 is empty and we need to
;; look for size in \6.
(eq (match-beginning 2) (match-end 2))
(eq (string-to-number (match-string 6))
(nth 7 (file-attributes file)))
(equal (match-string 5)
(vc-bzr-sha1 file))))
(t 'edited)))))
;; The dirstate file can't be read, or some other problem.
(message "Falling back on \"slow\" status detection (%S)" err)
(vc-bzr-state file))))))
;; This is a cheap approximation that is autoloaded. If it finds a
;; possible match it loads this file and runs the real function.
;; It requires vc-bzr-admin-checkout-format-file to be autoloaded too.
......@@ -189,7 +296,7 @@ in the repository root directory of FILE."
(defun vc-bzr-registered (file)
"Return non-nil if FILE is registered with bzr."
(let ((state (vc-bzr-state file)))
(let ((state (vc-bzr-state-heuristic file)))
(not (memq state '(nil unregistered ignored)))))
(defconst vc-bzr-state-words
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