Commit 8094989b authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(_malloc_internal) [GC_MALLOC_CHECK]: Use

_malloc_internal instead of malloc.
(_free_internal) [GC_MALLOC_CHECK]: Use _free_internal instead
of free.
parent 877935b1
2000-10-20 Gerd Moellmann <>
* alloc.c (toplevel) [SYSTEM_MALLOC || DOUG_LEA_MALLOC]: Undef
(toplevel) [GC_MARK_STACK || GC_MALLOC_CHECK]: Move mem_node
structure definition and related variabled to the top of the file.
Include this code when GC_MALLOC_CHECK is defined.
(lisp_malloc, lisp_free) [GC_MALLOC_CHECK]: Don't
register/unregister allocated region.
(emacs_blocked_free) [GC_MALLOC_CHECK]: Check if freeing something
which isn't allocated.
(emacs_blocked_malloc) [GC_MALLOC_CHECK]: Check if returning
something which is already in use.
(emacs_blocked_realloc) [GC_MALLOC_CHECK]: Likewise.
(mem_insert) [GC_MALLOC_CHECK]: Use _malloc_internal.
(mem_delete) [GC_MALLOC_CHECK]: Use _free_internal.
(init_alloc_once) [GC_MALLOC_CHECK]: Call mem_init.
* gmalloc.c (_malloc_internal) [GC_MALLOC_CHECK]: Use
_malloc_internal instead of malloc.
(_free_internal) [GC_MALLOC_CHECK]: Use _free_internal instead
of free.
2000-10-20 Andrew Innes <>
* strftime.c [!WINDOWSNT]: Don't apply Solaris 2.5 work-around on
......@@ -678,7 +678,11 @@ _malloc_internal (size)
/* No free fragments of the desired size, so get a new block
and break it into fragments, returning the first. */
result = _malloc_internal (BLOCKSIZE);
result = malloc (BLOCKSIZE);
if (result == NULL)
return NULL;
......@@ -1092,7 +1096,11 @@ _free_internal (ptr)
_chunks_free -= BLOCKSIZE >> type;
_bytes_free -= BLOCKSIZE;
_free_internal (ADDRESS (block));
free (ADDRESS (block));
else if (_heapinfo[block] != 0)
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