Commit 809989f7 authored by Thomas Fitzsimmons's avatar Thomas Fitzsimmons Committed by Eli Zaretskii

LDAP: Set process-connection-type to t on Darwin

* lisp/net/ldap.el (ldap-search-internal): Set
process-connection-type to t on Darwin.  Do not merge to
master.  (Bug#33050)
parent 74a3a795
Pipeline #170 passed with stage
in 24 minutes and 54 seconds
......@@ -646,7 +646,12 @@ an alist of attribute/value pairs."
(not (equal "" sizelimit)))
(setq arglist (nconc arglist (list (format "-z%s" sizelimit)))))
(if passwd
(let* ((process-connection-type nil)
;; Work around Bug#33154, see also Bug#33050. Leaving
;; process-connection-type at its default (typically t)
;; would probably be fine too, however this is the minimal
;; change on the release branch that fixes ldap.el on Darwin
;; and leaves other operating systems unchanged.
(let* ((process-connection-type (eq system-type 'darwin))
(proc-args (append arglist ldap-ldapsearch-args
(proc (apply #'start-process "ldapsearch" buf
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