Commit 809e1789 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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Make sure the GDB init file is called src/_gdbinit;

if not, tell the user to rename it and abort.
parent 093dd95b
......@@ -194,7 +194,21 @@ cd ..
rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Echo Configuring the main directory...
If "%DJGPP_VER%" == "2" copy msdos\mainmake.v2 makefile >nul
If "%DJGPP_VER%" == "1" goto mainv1
Echo Looking for the GDB init file...
If Exist src\_gdbinit goto gdbinitOk
Echo I cannot find the GDB init file. It was called ".gdbinit" in
Echo the Emacs distribution, but was probably renamed to some other
Echo name without the leading dot when you untarred the archive.
Echo It should be in the "src/" subdirectory. Please make sure this
Echo file exists and is called "_gdbinit" with a leading underscore.
Echo Then run CONFIG.BAT again with the same arguments you did now.
goto End
Echo Looking for the GDB init file...found
copy msdos\mainmake.v2 makefile >nul
If "%DJGPP_VER%" == "1" copy msdos\mainmake makefile >nul
rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------
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