Commit 809f0c35 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(custom-menu-create): Bind deactivate-mark here

(custom-group-menu-create): Not here.
parent 647b07d1
......@@ -4395,15 +4395,15 @@ This function does not save the buffer."
"Ignoring WIDGET, create a menu entry for customization group SYMBOL."
`( ,(custom-unlispify-menu-entry symbol t)
:filter (lambda (&rest junk)
(let* ((deactivate-mark nil)
(menu (custom-menu-create ',symbol)))
(let* ((menu (custom-menu-create ',symbol)))
(if (consp menu) (cdr menu) menu)))))
(defun custom-menu-create (symbol)
"Create menu for customization group SYMBOL.
The menu is in a format applicable to `easy-menu-define'."
(let* ((item (vector (custom-unlispify-menu-entry symbol)
(let* ((deactivate-mark nil)
(item (vector (custom-unlispify-menu-entry symbol)
`(customize-group ',symbol)
(if (and (or (not (boundp 'custom-menu-nesting))
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