Commit 80c164ec authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney
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Create ``makefile'' in directories man, lispref and lispintro.

parent 2bc2e3fc
......@@ -433,6 +433,9 @@ copy paths.h ..\src\epaths.h
copy /b config.settings+%MAKECMD%.defs+..\nt\makefile.w32-in ..\nt\makefile
copy /b config.settings+%MAKECMD%.defs+..\lib-src\makefile.w32-in ..\lib-src\makefile
copy /b config.settings+%MAKECMD%.defs+..\src\makefile.w32-in ..\src\makefile
copy /b config.settings+%MAKECMD%.defs+..\man\makefile.w32-in ..\man\makefile
copy /b config.settings+%MAKECMD%.defs+..\lispref\makefile.w32-in ..\lispref\makefile
copy /b config.settings+%MAKECMD%.defs+..\lispintro\makefile.w32-in ..\lispintro\makefile
if not exist ..\lisp\Makefile.unix rename ..\lisp\ Makefile.unix
if exist ..\lisp\makefile rm -f ../lisp/[Mm]akefile
copy /b config.settings+%MAKECMD%.defs+..\lisp\makefile.w32-in ..\lisp\makefile
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