Commit 80d4ea92 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(x-complement-fontset-spec): Add font names which are

ignoring sizes in alternative-fontname-alist.
parent 53fd9d05
......@@ -228,13 +228,18 @@ Fontnames for charsets not listed in FONTLIST are generated from
XLFD-FIELDS and a property of x-charset-register of each charset
(let ((charsets charset-list)
(loose-xlfd-fields (copy-sequence xlfd-fields)))
(aset loose-xlfd-fields xlfd-regexp-pixelsize-subnum nil)
(aset loose-xlfd-fields xlfd-regexp-pointsize-subnum nil)
(aset loose-xlfd-fields xlfd-regexp-resx-subnum nil)
(aset loose-xlfd-fields xlfd-regexp-resy-subnum nil)
(aset loose-xlfd-fields xlfd-regexp-spacing-subnum nil)
(aset loose-xlfd-fields xlfd-regexp-avgwidth-subnum nil)
(style-ignored (copy-sequence xlfd-fields))
(size-ignored (copy-sequence xlfd-fields)))
(aset style-ignored xlfd-regexp-weight-subnum nil)
(aset style-ignored xlfd-regexp-slant-subnum nil)
(aset style-ignored xlfd-regexp-swidth-subnum nil)
(aset style-ignored xlfd-regexp-adstyle-subnum nil)
(aset size-ignored xlfd-regexp-pixelsize-subnum nil)
(aset size-ignored xlfd-regexp-pointsize-subnum nil)
(aset size-ignored xlfd-regexp-resx-subnum nil)
(aset size-ignored xlfd-regexp-resy-subnum nil)
(aset size-ignored xlfd-regexp-spacing-subnum nil)
(aset size-ignored xlfd-regexp-avgwidth-subnum nil)
(while charsets
(let ((charset (car charsets)))
(if (null (assq charset fontlist))
......@@ -249,15 +254,18 @@ automatically."
encoding-val "*"))
(aset xlfd-fields xlfd-regexp-registry-subnum registry-val)
(aset xlfd-fields xlfd-regexp-encoding-subnum encoding-val)
(aset loose-xlfd-fields xlfd-regexp-registry-subnum registry-val)
(aset loose-xlfd-fields xlfd-regexp-encoding-subnum encoding-val)
(aset style-ignored xlfd-regexp-registry-subnum registry-val)
(aset style-ignored xlfd-regexp-encoding-subnum encoding-val)
(aset size-ignored xlfd-regexp-registry-subnum registry-val)
(aset size-ignored xlfd-regexp-encoding-subnum encoding-val)
(setq fontname (x-compose-font-name xlfd-fields t))
(setq fontlist (cons (cons charset fontname) fontlist))
(or (assoc fontname alternative-fontname-alist)
(setq alternative-fontname-alist
(cons (list
(x-compose-font-name loose-xlfd-fields t)
(x-compose-font-name style-ignored t)
(x-compose-font-name size-ignored t)
(concat "*-" registry-val "-" encoding-val))
......@@ -364,7 +372,9 @@ by modifying FONTSET-SPEC appropriately. STYLE can be one of `bold',
;; Create standard fontset from 16 dots fonts which are the most widely
;; installed fonts.
;; installed fonts. Fonts for Chinese-GB, Korean, and Chinese-CNS are
;; specified here because FAMILY of those fonts are not "fixed" in
;; many cases.
(defvar standard-fontset-spec
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