Commit 80ddb8ed authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(debugger-outer-load-read-function): New variable.

(debug): Bind load-read-function to nil; save old value
in debugger-outer-load-read-function and restore at end.
(debugger-eval-expression): Handle load-read-function
like other magic variables.

(debugger-outer-overriding-local-map): New variable.
(debug): Bind overriding-local-map to nil; save old value
in debugger-outer-overriding-local-map and restore at end.
(debugger-eval-expression): Handle overriding-local-map
like other magic variables.
parent 925a67ca
......@@ -40,6 +40,8 @@
"This is the buffer that was current when the debugger was entered.")
(defvar debugger-outer-match-data)
(defvar debugger-outer-load-read-function)
(defvar debugger-outer-overriding-local-map)
(defvar debugger-outer-track-mouse)
(defvar debugger-outer-last-command)
(defvar debugger-outer-this-command)
......@@ -77,6 +79,8 @@ first will be printed into the backtrace buffer."
;; Save the outer values of these vars for the `e' command
;; before we replace the values.
(debugger-outer-match-data (match-data))
(debugger-outer-load-read-function load-read-function)
(debugger-outer-overriding-local-map overriding-local-map)
(debugger-outer-track-mouse track-mouse)
(debugger-outer-last-command last-command)
(debugger-outer-this-command this-command)
......@@ -94,6 +98,8 @@ first will be printed into the backtrace buffer."
(unread-command-char -1) unread-command-events
last-input-event last-command-event last-nonmenu-event
(standard-input t) (standard-output t)
(cursor-in-echo-area nil))
......@@ -169,6 +175,8 @@ first will be printed into the backtrace buffer."
(store-match-data debugger-outer-match-data)))
;; Put into effect the modified values of these variables
;; in case the user set them with the `e' command.
(setq load-read-function debugger-outer-load-read-function)
(setq overriding-local-map debugger-outer-overriding-local-map)
(setq track-mouse debugger-outer-track-mouse)
(setq last-command debugger-outer-last-command)
(setq this-command debugger-outer-this-command)
......@@ -314,10 +322,14 @@ Applies to the frame whose line point is on in the backtrace."
(last-event-frame debugger-outer-last-event-frame)
(standard-input debugger-outer-standard-input)
(standard-output debugger-outer-standard-output)
(cursor-in-echo-area debugger-outer-cursor-in-echo-area))
(cursor-in-echo-area debugger-outer-cursor-in-echo-area)
(overriding-local-map debugger-outer-overriding-local-map)
(load-read-function debugger-outer-load-read-function))
(store-match-data debugger-outer-match-data)
(prog1 (eval-expression exp)
(setq debugger-outer-match-data (match-data))
(setq debugger-outer-load-read-function load-read-function)
(setq debugger-outer-overriding-local-map overriding-local-map)
(setq debugger-outer-track-mouse track-mouse)
(setq debugger-outer-last-command last-command)
(setq debugger-outer-this-command this-command)
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