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2009-01-10 Richard M Stallman <> 2009-01-10 Richard M Stallman <>
* pmailout.el (pmail-output-to-r-mail-buffer): New function.
(pmail-output-as-babyl): Use it.
(pmail-output-to-pmail-buffer): New function.
(pmail-output-as-mbox): Use it.
(pmail-output-as-seen): Pass t to pmail-output-as-mbox.
(pmail-output): Call set-buffer later.
* pmail.el (pmail-count-screen-lines, pmail-use-collection-buffer) * pmail.el (pmail-count-screen-lines, pmail-use-collection-buffer)
(pmail-use-viewer-buffer): Fns deleted. (pmail-use-viewer-buffer): Fns deleted.
Other functions reordered but not changed. Other functions reordered but not changed.
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