Commit 815439ea authored by Michael Albinus's avatar Michael Albinus

* CONTRIBUTE: Add more examples for $(SELECTOR) make variable.

parent 7c9206f8
......@@ -267,6 +267,17 @@ you run "make check-expensive" from the top-level directory. "make
line. So "make check SELECTOR=nil" is equivalent to "make
You could also use predefined selectors of the Makefile. "make
<filename> SELECTOR='$(SELECTOR_DEFAULT)'" runs all tests for
<filename>.el(c) except the tests tagged as expensive.
Selectors can be defined with different methods, see (info "(ert)Test
Selectors") or
If your test file contains the tests "test-foo", "test2-foo" and
"test-foo-remote", and you want to run only the former two tests, you
could use a regexp: "make <filename> SELECTOR='\"foo$$\"'" .
** Understanding Emacs Internals.
The best way to understand Emacs Internals is to read the code,
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