Commit 8172cd86 authored by André Spiegel's avatar André Spiegel
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(vc-next-action-on-file, vc-update-change-log,

vc-backend-checkout, vc-backend-steal): Use `vc-user-login-name'
instead of `user-login-name'.
(vc-update-change-log): If `user-full-name' is nil, try
`user-login-name'.  Failing that, use uid as a string.
(vc-make-buffer-writable-hook): Removed (was unused).
parent 2a11c6f3
......@@ -128,12 +128,6 @@ walk file trees.")
(defvar vc-checkin-hook nil
"*List of functions called after a checkin is done. See `run-hooks'.")
(defvar vc-make-buffer-writable-hook nil
"*List of functions called when a buffer is made writable. See `run-hooks.'
This hook is only used when the version control system is CVS. It
might be useful for sites who uses locking with CVS, or who uses link
farms to gold trees.")
;; Header-insertion hair
(defvar vc-header-alist
......@@ -666,7 +660,7 @@ to an optional list of FLAGS."
;; a checked-out version exists, but the user may not own the lock
((and (not (eq vc-type 'CVS))
(not (string-equal owner (user-login-name))))
(not (string-equal owner (vc-user-login-name))))
(if comment
(error "Sorry, you can't steal the lock on %s this way" file))
(and (eq vc-type 'RCS)
......@@ -1810,7 +1804,9 @@ default directory."
(let ((odefault default-directory)
(full-name (or add-log-full-name
(format "uid%d" (number-to-string (user-uid)))))
(mailing-address (or add-log-mailing-address
(find-file-other-window (find-change-log))
......@@ -1823,7 +1819,7 @@ default directory."
(message "Computing change log entries... %s"
(if (eq 0 (apply 'call-process "rcs2log" nil '(t nil) nil
(concat (user-login-name)
(concat (vc-user-login-name)
......@@ -2044,7 +2040,7 @@ default directory."
((not workfile)
(vc-file-clear-masterprops file)
(if writable
(vc-file-setprop file 'vc-locking-user (user-login-name)))
(vc-file-setprop file 'vc-locking-user (vc-user-login-name)))
(vc-file-setprop file
'vc-checkout-time (nth 5 (file-attributes file)))))
(message "Checking out %s...done" filename))))))
......@@ -2204,7 +2200,7 @@ default directory."
"-M" (concat "-u" rev) (concat "-l" rev))
(error "You cannot steal a CVS lock; there are no CVS locks to steal") ;CVS
(vc-file-setprop file 'vc-locking-user (user-login-name))
(vc-file-setprop file 'vc-locking-user (vc-user-login-name))
(message "Stealing lock on %s...done" file)
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