Commit 81ab2e07 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(init_buffer): Don't add /: to default dir if it's `/'.

parent 85eb827a
......@@ -3733,7 +3733,12 @@ init_buffer ()
/* Add /: to the front of the name
if it would otherwise be treated as magic. */
temp = Ffind_file_name_handler (current_buffer->directory, Qt);
if (! NILP (temp))
if (! NILP (temp)
/* If the default dir is just /, TEMP is non-nil
because of the ange-ftp completion handler.
However, it is not necessary to turn / into /:/.
So avoid doing that. */
&& strcmp ("/", XSTRING (current_buffer->directory)->data))
= concat2 (build_string ("/:"), current_buffer->directory);
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