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2000-03-15 Vinicius Jose Latorre <>
* New file.
*, Eliminate CheckConfig.
2000-01-05 Vinicius Jose Latorre <>
*,, New files.
% === BEGIN ps-print prologue 0
%%BeginProcSet: ErrorHandler
% Downloaded Error Break-page handler
% Adapted from:
% PostScript Language Program Design,
% Adobe Systems Incorporated.
% Appendix A, pages 217-219
/ps$brkpage where{pop}
/ps$brkpage 64 dict def
ps$brkpage begin
/tx 0 def /ty 0 def /toy 0 def /tox 0 def
dup type /stringtype ne{=string cvs}if
dup length 6 mul
/tx exch def /ty 10 def
currentpoint /toy exch def /tox exch def
1 setgray newpath
tox toy 2 sub moveto
0 ty rlineto tx 0 rlineto
0 ty neg rlineto
closepath fill
tox toy moveto 0 setgray show
}bind def
/nl{currentpoint exch pop lmargin exch moveto 0 -10 rmoveto}def
/=={/cp 0 def typeprint nl}def
/typeprint{dup type dup currentdict exch known{exec}{unknowntype}ifelse}readonly def
/lmargin 72 def
/rmargin 72 def
dup length cp add rmargin gt{nl /cp 0 def}if
dup length cp add /cp exch def
}readonly def
/cvsprint{=string cvs tprint( )tprint}readonly def
/unknowntype{exch pop cvlit(??)tprint cvsprint}readonly def
/integertype{cvsprint}readonly def
/realtype{cvsprint}readonly def
/booleantype{cvsprint}readonly def
/operatortype{(//)tprint cvsprint}readonly def
/marktype{pop(-mark-)tprint}readonly def
/dicttype{pop(-dictionary-)tprint}readonly def
/nulltype{pop(-null-)tprint}readonly def
/filetype{pop(-filestream-)tprint}readonly def
/savetype{pop(-savelevel-)tprint}readonly def
/fonttype{pop(-fontid-)tprint}readonly def
/nametype{dup xcheck not{(/)tprint}if cvsprint}readonly def
dup rcheck
{(\()tprint tprint(\))tprint}
{pop(-string-)tprint}ifelse}readonly def
dup rcheck
{dup xcheck
{pop(-array-)tprint}ifelse}readonly def
dup rcheck
{dup xcheck
{pop(-packedarray-)tprint}ifelse}readonly def
/courier /Courier findfont 10 scalefont def
/OLDhandleerror errordict /handleerror get def
end %ps$brkpage
systemdict begin $error begin ps$brkpage begin
{/newerror false store vmstatus pop pop 0 ne{grestoreall}if
ErrorMessage 1 and 0 ne{ % print on paper
courier setfont lmargin 720 moveto
(# ERROR: )prnt errorname prnt nl
(# OFFENDING COMMAND: )prnt /command load prnt
$error /ostack known
{nl nl(# STACK:)prnt nl nl $error /ostack get aload length{==}repeat}if
$error /errorinfo known
{nl nl(# ERRORINFO:)prnt nl nl $error /errorinfo get aload length{==}repeat}if
systemdict /showpage get exec}if
ErrorMessage 2 and 0 ne{ % send back to printing system
(\%\%[ Error: )print errorname =print
(; OffendingCommand: )print/command load =print
$error /errorinfo known
{(; ErrorInfo:)print $error /errorinfo get aload length{( )=print =print}repeat}if
( ]\%\%)= flush
(\%\%[ Rest of job is ignored ]\%\%)= flush}if
/newerror true store}if
end end end
} % handleerror
dup 0 systemdict put % replace name by actual dict object
dup 4 ps$brkpage put % replace name by dict object
bind readonly
errordict 3 1 roll put % put proc in errordict as /handleerror
gs_languagelevel 2 ne{ % operators for language level 2 only
/<<{mark}bind def
/>>{counttomark 2 idiv dup dict begin{def}repeat pop currentdict end}bind def
/setpagedevice{pop}bind def
/setduplexmode where{pop}
{/setduplexmode /duplexmode where{pop{duplexmode}}{{pop}}ifelse bind def}ifelse
/settumble where{pop}
{/settumble /tumble where{pop{tumble}}{{pop}}ifelse bind def}ifelse
% === END ps-print prologue 0
2000-03-15 Vinicius Jose Latorre <>
* ps-print.el: PostScript user-defined prologue, PostScript error
handler, doc fix.
(ps-print-version): New version number (5.1).
(ps-user-defined-prologue, ps-error-handler-message)
(ps-print-prologue-0, ps-error-handler-alist): New vars.
(ps-setup, ps-begin-file, ps-begin-job): Code fix.
(ps-insert-string): New function.
2000-03-15 Kenichi Handa <>
* international/ccl.el (ccl-compile-expression): Don't generate
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