Commit 81d00831 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(struct frame): New member `fontset_data'.

parent 71025e5e
......@@ -290,6 +290,11 @@ struct frame
/* The baud rate that was used to calculate costs for this frame. */
int cost_calculation_baud_rate;
/* A pointer to the data structure containing all information of
fontsets associated with this frame. See the comments in
fontset.h for more detail. */
struct fontset_data *fontset_data;
/* Nonzero if the mouse has moved on this display
since the last time we checked. */
char mouse_moved;
......@@ -390,6 +395,12 @@ typedef struct frame *FRAME_PTR;
#define FRAME_CONDEMNED_SCROLL_BARS(f) ((f)->condemned_scroll_bars)
#define FRAME_MENU_BAR_ITEMS(f) ((f)->menu_bar_items)
#define FRAME_COST_BAUD_RATE(f) ((f)->cost_calculation_baud_rate)
#define FRAME_FONTSET_DATA(f) ((f)->fontset_data)
/* Return the size of message_buf of the frame F. We multiply the
width of the frame by 4 because multi-byte form may require at most
4-byte for a character. */
#define FRAME_MESSAGE_BUF_SIZE(f) (((int) (f)->width) * 4)
/* Emacs's redisplay code could become confused if a frame's
visibility changes at arbitrary times. For example, if a frame is
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